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Located right next door to one of Lisbon’s oldest and most famous temples.

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The Pantheon

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The Pantheon is a rediscovered, magical patio in the heart of old Lisbon. Rent this awe-inspiring property and host an event that will never be forgotten. 

The Pantheon features an outdoor patio, two downstairs reception rooms, three bathrooms, four upstairs atriums, five main halls and six secondary ones, seven production rooms, eight dressing rooms and nine service entrances; it is a perfect palace for entertaining in. 

There is also a state of the art distillery, showcasing hundreds of bottles from an age gone by. Evidently, this gorgeous setting is steeped in history, and interiors are huge open plan rooms with simple brick and metal designs and the occasional burst of green shrubbery and golden sculptures. Located right next door to one of Lisbon’s oldest and most famous temples, entering The Pantheon almost feels like stepping through a doorway to the past, and the myriad rooms and ornaments accentuate this feeling. 

Services that can be hired alongside the space are DJs, lighting, sound system, catering, décor production, photography, furniture, cloakrooms services and private security, all of which come together to create the most exciting and professional events to date. Top of the range bathrooms and high-end lighting are just a couple of the amenities offered at The Pantheon. 

Boasting stunning views over Lisbon, The Pantheon is truly a one of a kind place to host your event, whether it be a private party, an art exhibition or a work gathering. Glittering chandeliers drip from the ceiling and a majestic peacock struts around the grounds beneath the traditional vaulted archways and huge high ceilings of this breath-takingly magical venue. 

The Pantheon includes:

  • Outdoor Patio
  • Downstairs Atrium
  • Reception Hall
  • El Clandestino
  • Upstairs Atrium
  • Main Hall
  • Second Hall
  • Support Kitchen
  • Catering Production Room
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Service Entrance
Property Details
Essential information
Services at added cost
  • Event concept and design
  • Talent bands, DJ
  • Catering
  • Lightning
  • Decor production
  • Photography
  • Furniture
  • Hostess and coat chech
  • Security
  • Cleaning

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