| Sintra

An extraordinary and unique landscape

About Sintra

Sintra, UNESCO’s world heritage historic town, is a must see for all those that have never had the opportunity to visit this town before. This cultural landscape is an extraordinary and unique complex of parks, gardens, palaces, country houses, monasteries and castles, which create an architecture that harmonizes with the exotic and overgrown vegetation, creating micro-landscapes of exotic and luxuriant beauty, populated with trees such as Mexican cypresses, Australian acacias, eucalyptuses and pines. . 

Major landmarks such as the Pena Castle, the Moorish Castle, the Church of São Pedro, Penha Verde, the Cruz Alta and the Palace of Seteais interact with one another and with the landscape; they have been restored and have an authentic raison d’être with surprising views which differ from every angle.

Even though magnificent royal residences in the Romantic style are often to be found in 19th and 20th century Europe, Sintra is a pioneer work of European romanticism, bringing together its incredible botanical richness and a diversity of monuments and buildings from a long period of history. Sintra became the first centre of European Romantic architecture.

This amalgamation of exotic styles changes the landscape into an abundant world which offers surprises at every turn in the path, leading the visitor from one discovery to the next. Its uniqueness and botanical richness presented to the visitor with great accuracy, and its charming environment make it unique among landscapes. This syncretism between nature and ancient monuments, villas and estates with monasteries and chalets, influenced the development of landscape architecture throughout Europe.

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