| Ribatejo

Beautiful and rich green landscapes, kissed by the sun colours

About Ribatejo

The Ribatejo is a land of history and traditions. With beautiful and green landscapes, this region contains some of the nation's richest agricultural land due to the estuarine waters of the Tejo river.

Vines have been growing on this land for centuries. In fact, Ribatejo’s wine history goes back such a long way that the monarchs of the 14th and 15th centuries were so impressed with its taste they banned any other wine coming into the region from elsewhere.

Today the wines from Ribatejo are just as celebrated locally, with several different wine routes encompassing some of the best vineyards. They are on offer to visitors who want to explore this region while enjoying some rich red and white wines along the way. The rolling hills beyond the floodplains are dotted with the majestic Spanish Oak producing the cork that Portugal is famous for. As well as the ubiquitous bottle cork, the material has been explored for alternative uses and a small but vibrant industry thrives where one can find all manner of cork based products.

There are ancient skilled arts in the Ribatejo which the visitor will find hard to imagine. The region has many traditional crafts such as tanneries in Alcanena and textiles in Minde, as well as related industries from the historic past... Ceramics from Golegã and Chamusca, wicker dolls from Constância.

Ribatejo is known for its equestrian culture, a lot of the traditions and gastronomy are linked to this equestrian world.

The beautiful Lusitano horses reared on stud farms throughout the region are an integral part of the culture and opportunities to visit them or even enjoy riding them through the fertile lands of Lezíria are a must.

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